Interior Style

Dining Decor

     Nothing welcomes a dinner guest more than an inviting, intimate table setting.  A frew fresh flowers, straw ribbon-tied cloth napkins and even a name plate take the tiniest bit of effort, yet add so much charm and personality.  I can’t take all the credit for the little ideas I get here and there, as Pinterest has become my go-to for simple ideas of any and every kind.  With the holidays approaching, a lot of us are hosting our friends and families and what better time is there to get creative with your table and make it all the more memorable.  I started with a color scheme, found a table cloth and napkins at a local Crate and Barrel Outlet and went from there.  For the flowers I bought four tiny bud vases (one per setting) for $1 each at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  I next bought one large assortment bouquet (preferably along your color scheme if you have one) at a local market and divided it up so each bud vase had a few tiny stems and then used the rest for a main centerpiece arrangement.  Dishes and glasses can be fun to get creative with, whether it be adding an inexpensive salad plate along your color scheme, leaving the plates and bowls for a more neutral look, or by mixing and mismatching each setting with a different assortment of dishes, versus having a color scheme at all.  I also like to have a glass pitcher on the table for water refills to avoid having to be up and down too often.  Ultimately I believe the spirit and energy of those you gather with bring enough to a happy table…but it never hurts to dress it up every now and then.  Cheers!

Boutique Transformation

Cultured Concepts is a fabulous boutique that specializes in beautifully handcrafted beaded accessories. Located in historic Old Town, Alexandria, co-founder Marie-Noelle Akegnan works wonders with an assortment of delicate beads from Ghana, Japan & beyond. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Marie in updating her studio, where she creates her pieces on site, giving it more of her inner flare. I’ve posted before and after pictures of our project. We wanted to capture the beauty of her pieces with a softer, simplistic environment. Aside from her handmade items, Cultured Concepts also carries an array of handbags (HoBo International & Henri Bendel), ponchos, scarves, hair accessories and much more. A must see hidden treasure!!!

Crilley Warehouse
218 N. Lee Street, Ste. 101
Alexandria, VA 22314